Leaded Glass Separation

Leaded Glass Separation 2017-05-29T14:23:31-07:00

Most glass that you encounter in everyday life does not contain any lead. However, older TV’s and computers with CRT displays as well as crystal housewares can contain up to 40% lead oxide!

When glass is collected in bulk amounts it can be easy to mix up leaded glass and unleaded glass. However, when it’s time to recycle the glass the leaded and unleaded glass particles need to be processed separately for health and safety reasons. Sepro has developed a process for the quick and efficient separation of leaded glass from unleaded glass using the Sepro Condor Dense Media separator.

Do you have a mixture of leaded and unleaded glass that needs to be separated for processing? Would you like to learn more about Sepro’s Condor Dense Media Separator? Contact Sepro today!