Incinerator Bottom Ash

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Incinerator bottom ash is a product from waste-to-energy and incineration facilities; it’s the material that does not fully combust and is discharged after incineration. Often this bottom ash contains precious metals and heavy metals which can be a challenge for disposal facilities. However, if these metals are selectively recovered, they can be sold directly to recyclers and metal refiners.

Sepro Mineral Systems has developed a proprietary system for wet processing of fine incinerator bottom ash (< 3mm or 1/8”) which has the following significant benefits:

  • Selective recovery of precious metals and heavy metals
  • Wet processing which drastically reduces, if not eliminates, dust creation during processing
  • The ability to process either stockpiled or directly fed bottom ash
  • Easy integration into existing processes due to small footprint requirements
  • Cleaner final ash for safe use in construction materials.

For more detailed information on the Sepro Fine Slag Treatment Plant, you can take a look at our simplified flowsheet and process description: Sepro Fine Slag Treatment Flowsheet and Process Description

Browse brochure: Sepro Fine Incinerator Bottom Ash Treatment Plant

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